The Power of your Thoughts

Power of your Thoughts

The Power of your thoughts : create your reality

Your business, Your energy, your life are  influenced by the Power of your thoughts.  

Have you ever noticed that your positive mindset gives you a high level of energy?  The opposite is also true.  Apart from physical fatigue or illness, a low level of energy is due to a negative mindset and negative thoughts.

And have you ever noticed that you attract what you think? This  is the power of your thoughts. It means that your thoughts create your reality!
So if you  believe that your business will not be successful or you will not reach your weekly objectives, you  get low business results.

How this happens?

Your belief  makes you feel sad, frustrated or whatever. And, furthermore, your  energy level and motivation decrease.


So, the conclusion is :

Mindset is then a key element to your business performance !
Body – Mental  -Emotions are closely interconnected.

Does this resonate to you? Yes, it does. And you wonder how to change this.


How to change your reality?

The most important thing you can do to change the results of your business, emotions and  your life is to change your thoughts.  I know, it’s easier said than done I know.  We all have a pattern of how we process our thoughts.  For some of us this pattern serves us better than others.  But the good news is that you can change it.
The first thing to do is to step back and observe the power of your thougths.  Here are some questions to help you :

  • How do your thoughts serve you?
  • Can you notice them ?
  • And can you choose what to do with them in the moment?   Or do you let your thoughts control you?


Just because a thought comes in doesn’t mean it is true, and doesn’t mean you have to think it, believe it or accept it. 

So, be more conscious of your thoughts, just like when your stomach growls for food.  And when your thoughts come, determine how they are serving you and what to do with them.  Then do it.

Your exercice : 

Think about your objectives whatever they are, what would happen, what would be possible if you were more conscious of your thoughts?
What would happen if you could control and transform your negative thoughts into positive ones? How would you feel?   What would you think? Write without limiting yourself.
Wouah !  Congratulations on what you can achieve !! Go !

Read my full article (in English)
Read my full article (in French)  or here

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