Visualizing your goals and you achieving your goals


Setting goals gives us a great feeling of starting anew.  But if your goals aren’t created properly, we are setting ourselves up for failure right from the start.  So next time you create your goals, add this additional element to ensure your success.


Not only do you want to write them down, look at them daily, and take deliberate action toward achieving them, but you also want to visualize them as if they have already happened.  Example:Want to lose 20lbs?  Visualize yourself 20lbs lighter.  Want to make $100k this year.  Visualize yourself putting $10k checks in the bank every month.  Want to pay off all your debt?  Visualize your balance sheet saying $0 due.

In conclusion, visualizing your goals is the missing ingredient to achieving your goals.  Why? visualisation is so important because it enables you to send positive messages to your brain.


Remember my four previous articles on visioning and goal setting. In these articles I show you how you  re-train your brain by applying visualisation. You activate another part of your brain.  Therefore, you prepare your brain and yourself to get what you want to achieve.
This works for your professional as well as your personal goals.

In my article “Change your Brain -On Track Towards your Goals”, I explained that the brain focuses naturally on negative thoughts rather than on positive ones. Indeed, according to Dr. Daniel Amen, we have 48000 negative thoughts per day on 60 000!! It is incredible, isn’t it? So due to this, do you understand now why visualizing your goals and you achieving your goals is so important?

So, by visualizing, you help your brain to focus on positive, on success.  It means that we all have the power to decide what kind of thoughts we want to send to our brain. It is wonderful, isn’t it?

Enjoy the experience to add the missing ingredient to achieve your goals, and enjoy your visions coming to be!


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