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Habit of action



We adopt many habits in our daily live,in our business. Some of them support our quest for developing our business results (clients, relations, figures…). Some  support our quest for living the life we desire.  And on the other hand, other ones are obstables to what we really want.
That is why, it is so important to step back to assess the power of our habits.

1. A habit : definition

A habit is something we do automatically; without thinking. It occurs subconsciously. It is a routine behaviour that is very often repeated. That way, your behavior becomes a habit.

Does this resonate to you?

2. Habits’ impact

Since they occur subconsciously, habits are very powerful.
Some habits are empowering you, your team, your business, your entire life.   And other ones are disempowering you, your business, your life.
In other words, your  habits influence your results, your outcomes.  Habits can be positive or negative. While some of them make you fly like a butterfly, other ones make you stuck like an oyster.
Let’s talk now about the habit of action or inaction.


3. Habit of Action or Inaction

Action is fascinating because action is habitual. Action is so valued by occidental society and by corporations. In France peole who do not show action in their behaviors are perceived as if they are not working. And this, although they are working on strategy. But strategy is first a thinking/mental activity. And that is why,  it is not first physically observable.
This means that, in occident, action activities or be action oriented reflect the body in action.    Does it mean that ” thinking about strategy is not an action?”  Of course, thinking about and design strategy are actions. I must say that strategy  /mental activity is sometimes much more important than many behaviors in action (noisy or not).
It is one of the big differences between being efficient, productive and  being busy.

This being said, we all know the habits of action and inaction.


3.1 What about you? Are you in Habit of action or inaction?

You can be in the habit of action or in the habit of inaction – both having dramatically different results.
You can also be in the habit of action in your private life and in the habit of inaction in your business, in your job. This depends on specific circumstances.

And what about you? Are you in the habit of action or in the habit of inaction?  Your answer lies in your results.

3.2 The FEAR behind the scene :

The more you create the habit of action, the more action you take.

And the more you create the habit of inaction, the harder it is to get started.  Indeed, many often, in my coaching practice, I notice FEAR behind the habit of inaction. Fear is a powerful emotion. Fear can make us go forward, go back, or remain us in the uncertainty, in inaction.
The good news is that inaction can be broken. You can transform  inaction that is holding you back by adopting a new habit that is more helpful to reach your goals.  Close to inaction habit, there is an action habit. This is wonderful, is not it?

How to transform a habit of inaction into a habit of action?

3.3 Your personal assignment :

Which habit are you in? What holds you back?  All it takes is that first step.  Then another step.  No one EVER said it has to be the right step because you can adjust along the way.  It just has to be a step,  not the right one and all the rest will work itself out.

To keep in mind :

What is the learning of this story? Don’t wait until your perfect plans are made and your fears are gone. The perfect time is now. Take the first step, then make the other steps a habit.

And what did you learn from this article and/or exercise?


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