Leadership – Visualise and achieve your objective

Visualise and achieve your objective


If you can visualise your goal, you can make it happen !  Yes, you can ! How? Look at inside of you.


Do you know you have a powerful “secret weapon” inside YOU to reach any goal you want ?
This weapon is your MINDSET !


Great leaders, entrepreneurs set goals. But setting goals is not enough to make things happen.
Most of management trainings learn leaders and entrepreneurs how to draft SMART goals.  To write SMART goals is a good thing but it is not enough to visualise and achieve your objective.
Achieving goals is a journey. This journey can be divided into steps. But the most important part of this journey is: “act it, so you become it !”


Act it, So You Can Become it

Great leaders that have gone before us have told us that one of the secrets to their success is to start acting like a success before you are one. Picture yourself, carry yourself, and talk to yourself as if you have already achieved the level of success you desire.
Think about how you would act, what your business and/ or your lifestyle would be like, what you would do with your time, your increase in revenue, how would you be perceived by your manager, your colleagues, your peers, your clients?

On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), how would be your credibility? And your legitimacy?  Think about these things often.

Taste them, feel them, smell them and hear them.  Experience them with your whole being again and again. You become what you think about.  AND you become what you move toward.  Start moving in the direction of who you want to be by acting as if you are already there.




Here is the method, step by step to visualise and achieve your objective :



  1. visualise  your objective, what you want to achieve
  2. And visualise the final results you will get when achieving your goal.
  3. Feel deeply the emotions as if you already get what you visualise.  Breathe deeply these emotions, feelings.
  4. Act as if you are already there.  Behave as if you get already the kind / level of business you want. Act as if you are already the kind of person who already lives the ideal life you want.  You act as if you have already succeeded in creating what you want !

    “Act as if”  will have a huge and positive impact in your Brain.  You send your brain positive messages. And you will find solutions to achieve your goals.  Changing your Brain will help you notice the changes that occur in your business, in your life.  And remember there is no small changes. They are all important because each of them has an impact and allows you to go to the desired direction !
    When you notice the changes,  new events, new people, new opportunities that arrive,  you will start working, acting on these new opportunities. And acting on these will increase your confidence on what is possible to achieve, on your abilities to achieve what you want !



Visualise and achieve your objective

This is the first part of the method
Start by experimenting this.

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Your next steps to go forward and reach your objective

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